We have temporarily postponed our retreats and from 15th June, our retreat is available only for exclusive hire.

Treat yourself to time, space & nature. 

Our secluded mountain retreat is the quiet refuge for complete body & mind renewal.

The Akasha Experience

akasha or akash, aakaashá, ākāśa, (Sanskrit: आकाश) — meaning space or sky and is the basis and essence of all things in the material world; The source of all creation, the first stage of crystallisation of spirit. The fifth element or panchamahābhūtas (five great elements), the others being prthivi (earth), apa (water), agni (fire) and vayu (air).

Akasha is the space in which to remember your true essence, what you were before your shine was dimmed by the outer world. 

In Romanian the word “Acasa” means "Home”. 

If this is your first yoga retreat ever, or the first with us here’s what to expect. 

Affordable Yoga Retreat

Instead of paying commissions to online travel agents run by people that don’t understand the spirit of yoga we pass these savings on to you. You won’t find us on websites like BookYogaRetreats.com or Booking.com.

Join Our Community

We only host a small group each week so everyone gets personal attention as a member of our extended family & yoga tribe. Our home is open, inclusive & welcoming regardless of your yoga ability, nationality, gender or faith.

Unlimited Nature

Our location is rural & remote on purpose. There is virtually nothing around us apart from nature, forests, mountains & village life. 2.5hrs from Bucharest 45min from Brasov 15min from Dracula’s Castle . At 1000m high even your lungs will detox.

Digital Detox

Disconnect from the world online, it will still be there when you return.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

We are not a resort. Our space is created with love for the environment and for the people that live here. All our water for washing, cooking and drinking is natural spring water from our own well. We use only organic toiletries & cleaning products. All our food is seasonal and organic.

We love animals

Our home has some permanent residents, 4 cuddly dogs & 2 cats that found their way to our family. Occasionally we're visited by wildlife too.

Mystical Romania

Chances are you haven't found us by accident. The magic and mystery of this land calls you not with voices, not with words but through the ancient language of the soul. 

Return to nature. 

 From the majestic "OM" peak in Piatra Craiului National Park to the mystical Sphinx on Bucegi Mountains, Akasha is placed at the centre of an energetic vortex to subtly recharge depleted batteries. 

Our ancestors millenia ago were deeply aware of how each element of nature in perfect balance can help transcend one's soul to higher realms and experience of life. 


Sleep Sanctuary

Our intimate retreat centre has 11 bedrooms and we host a maximum of 18 guests at a time. Group nap time is common on our retreats as well as quiet bedrooms to catch up on the much needed rest. 

All rooms have en-suite bathrooms, quality linen & towels, organic toiletries, private seating area, hairdryer, cotton bath robe, daily housekeeping, hairdryer, alarm clock, in room safe. Some bedrooms have balconies.


Soul Food

Our food is not the kind that only looks pretty in photos, it's the kind that heals your gut, improves digestion & cleanses gently.

A varied plant based menu designed to fortify your overall health & wellbeing using organic unprocessed seasonal produce with the highest nutrient content possible. 


Your retreat includes:

 - 3 varied and plentiful meals per day

- protein packed snacks & seasonal fruits

 - unlimited detoxifying herbal teas

 - filtered infused spring water

 - organic filtered coffee

- slow pressed juices & superfood smoothies

You'll receive all our recipes so you can keep on eating the same Akasha delicious food at home. Menu created with the support of Dr Elena Toma MD & Dr Ana Maria Stoica specialists in Integrative Medicine.

AKASHA FOOD REVIEW: A vegan yoga retreat in Dracula’s back yard “Mealtimes are fun and even non-veggies rave about the food, which is always colourful, plentiful and full of flavour.” Jane Dunford, The Guardian.


Yoga & Meditation 

Twice daily yoga classes + workshops designed to begin or deepen your practice. We practice on our south facing outdoor platform on in our indoor studio. 



Holistic Spa

As a guest you’ll have unlimited access to swedish & infra red sauna + outdoor jacuzzi hot tub, both with views of our mountains.  

Body therapies, energy healing and massages can be booked on arrival.



Full Day Mountaineering Guided Trek to the top of the OM Peak with packed snacks & lunch - Piatra Craiului - Group Visit to Dracula’s Castle - The largest Bear Sanctuary in Europe - Village Life Walk - Horse Riding Treks - Bat Cave Meditations - Library - Cinema - Arts, Crafts & Mandala Painting

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